Sunday, January 31, 2010

2010 is a great year for Skate Like a Girl!

2010 is our 10th Anniversary, and it's been an exciting start: Skate Like a Girl is an official 501(c)(3)! What does this mean? We can have more ways of supporting our programs through grants and generous donations from our supporters.

Our February Challenge is to get 1000 individual donations ---this can be any amount!

Our February challenge is asking Facebook, Twitter, Myspace friends to help get over 1000 or more fans / followers of Skate Like a Girl to donate any amount to our Firstgiving account ( For the month of February those who donate more then $40 will get a new Skate Like a Girl shirt by the end of 2010.

Funds help us support free and low cost programs: Seattle Programs for February - May 2010! As well as help us provide financial support to all three chapters!

Below you will find: a recap of what we are up to and what we are planning for in 2010.
  • Jan Recap
  • Chapter Updates
  • Organizational Updates
  • Get Involved

January was a busy month:
  • CNN HLN Morning Express came to film a segment on Skate Like a Girl for their series on Women who Inspire which will air in the Spring
  • Skate Like a Girl supporters met our January challenge of raising $1000 in 3 days!
  • We are also working on a new website with the help of Jennifer Pearce that can serve as an online resource. Let us know if there are features that you would like to see!
  • Shannon Monts, Chair of the Development Committee submitted our first grant! Cross your fingers!
Chapter Updates
  • Kristin Ebeling, Seattle Chapter Director has got three solid program partnerships with local indoor skateparks: Innerspace, Bellevue Indoor, and Skatebarn. She is also working with Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival (April) and Children's International Festival (May) to have demos. Kristin is also leading the way on a volunteer group that is making Skatebarn a better place for girls to skate!
  • Jessie Haungs, Portland Chapter Director is continuing the Dept of Skateboarding clinics every last Sunday of the month, and working towards stronger partnerships with YWCA, Portland Parks and Rec, and Windell's!
  • Erica Harris, San Francisco Chapter Director is working in collaboration with the San Francisco Skateboarding Association, and Skate Club.

Organizational Updates
We are developing a board, and currently drafting a 5 year strategic plan which we will begin to implement in 2011.
If you are interested in supporting or partnering with Skate Like a Girl in 2011 (or sooner, please contact us).

Get Involved
We look forward to 2010 with your support!


Nancy Chang
Board of Directors
Skate Like a Girl
Skate Like a Girl (Seattle)


Raven Mendoza said...
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Raven Mendoza said...

Congratulations on turning 10. Girl skaters rock!

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